About Us

Artist and Owner, Ashley, has always had a creative mind-- whether baking, cooking, playing music, or playing around with art supplies to find new artistic techniques.  She finished college with a degree in Fine Art, specializing in Graphic Design. Several years ago, Ashley stumbled across a lapidary class offered at the local Chicago Park District and learned how to cut and shape stones, as well as basic metalworking. After honing her skills at her kitchen counter workbench and perfecting her polishing skills using a drill press fitted with polishing cloths, she opened the first of her Etsy shops-- MultifacetedByAshley. Fast forward a few years, she now has an actual workbench and continues to design jewelry. Her favorite (and also a shop favorite) is a rose-cut minty green moissanite bezel set in sterling silver.


While Ashley loves making jewelry, she also enjoys lots of other art, such as painting, mixed media, and of course digital art. While spending time at home during quarantine she needed to feel productive and decided to put her creativity to use and start BobieBeeBoutique on Etsy. This shop focuses on interesting bath products, but you'll find cute stickers and fun digital stickers to use in digital planners and notebooks, as well as digital artwork to use in your own creative endeavors.


The Bath Bombs featured in my shop are handmade and I love every moment of making them-- from picking the scents and colors to watching the surprises that come out when I test them! I've spent a lot of time making these bath bombs very special and nothing close to ordinary. On top of that they contain ingredients that are good for your skin and super moisturizing. I find that process of making them almost therapeutic and something I completely look forward to-- similar to baking but way less calories!!!