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Pressed Flower Bauble Christmas Ornament

Pressed Flower Bauble Christmas Ornament

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Introducing our exquisite antique glass-inspired ornament adorned with real pressed flowers. This unique piece captures the timeless beauty of a bygone era, bringing a touch of elegance and nature's artistry to your home decor.

These ornaments are crafted to capture the beauty of the holidays without being cliché or trendy. They possess a timeless charm that can complement a wide range of decor styles. However, their appeal extends far beyond the holiday season.

After Christmas, these ornaments can be repurposed as stunning sun catchers and cherished as year-round decor staples. They bring color, joy, and elegance to sunny spaces and serve as enchanting decorations for special events, including garden parties, weddings, and other outdoor gatherings.

Each ornament is meticulously handcrafted using real pressed flowers and coated to resemble antique glass. This combination of delicate blooms and glass-like texture and movement creates a simple yet truly captivating piece of art.

What sets these ornaments apart is their versatility. They seamlessly transition between seasons and occasions, maintaining their mesmerizing charm throughout the year.

These ornaments are available in acrylic (shatter-proof) or glass, both variations look the same.


What’s included

  • One ornament with REAL pressed flowers
  • Ribbon


  • Clear Round Ball - 2.5 inches - made of Acrylic
  • Clear Disk - 3 inches - made of Acrylic
  • Clear Round Ball - 2.5 inches - made of Glass
  • Clear Disk - 3 inches - made of Glass
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