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Moisturizing Bath Melts

Moisturizing Bath Melts

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Bath Melts are made with a combination of butters and oils to add nourishment and hydration to your skin without having to apply a lotion or cream after.

My bath melts are emulsified, meaning I add an ingredient to help the water and oils blend. This helps the oils not puddle on top of your bathwater and also helps reduce residue after your bath.

Due to the nature of the soft butters used in this product, bath melts may soften or melt in transit. If this happens please don't be sad or feel like the product is ruined! They still will work just perfectly, just use a little spoon to scoop the butter into your bath instead.



  • Honey & Cream
  • Lemon Bar
  • Birthday Cake
  • Earl Gray Latte
  • Vanilla Marzipan


Drop 1 or 2 bath melts into your warm bath water and let the butters melt filling your bath with nourishing oils.

*** Please be very careful as your bath may be slippery afterward! ***

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